• We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game. Randy Pauschs
  • Nature deals the cards without thought or care, and there is no point in blaming the dealer. All we can do is make the best of the hands we have been dealt. Julian Baggini

The crazy Sumerian and the Deck of cards

This essay is actually an an extract of an email once sent to a group that was involved in the “esoteric” or mathematical study of the deck of cards, calendar mathematics and more. You will probably be best off by viewing this essay as entertainment with a mix of truth and fiction. Please do not hesitate to exercise your personal discernment according to my disclaimer.

A small tip: Stop and ponder a little whenever a particular number represent something of significance both along the axis of space and the axis of time. How come and what may be the significance of that ?

Anyway, here goes:

Ace of Spades - deck of 52

Valhalla, “salle de banquette”, was the place where Odin initiated and maintained certain festival activities of a rather brusque nature, for and together with his dead heroes. The foremost peculiarity with this long haul was the fact that it had specially prepared 540 entrance doors, and that these doors were so extremely wide that 800 heroes could pass through each door simultaneously. I was not one of those heroes at the time, but being present as a humble servant due to the Law Of One, I was nevertheless given the honorable role as messenger of these enduring and foundational events. Hence I am in this group related to 52+2 jokers =54 cards fulfilling this obligation.

The intriguing fact is that I was pretty occupied at the time, as 540×800 created no less than 432 000 very thirsty heroes. I can tell you that each hero drank 22 beers per day, equalling 54 gallons due to the size of the glasses, in what became the longest party ever thrown, thus you should begin to grasp the level of effort necessitated on my part as the servant. In order for anyone to remember this ‘432 000’ number even better, it could help to know that the sun’s radius is 432 000 miles.

Now let us look at the 360 degrees circle stemming directly from the “sexadecimal” arithmetic system of the Sumerians. Is there a relation to the duration of a year; 365.24 days?

When 360 is multiplied by 60 to get minutes, and then by 60 yet again to get seconds, 360 degrees becomes 1 296 000??? (seconds). Establishing the replica of this, which is sometimes done if something represents half the way, for example half the way around the circle, thus always by the use of the replica number called 2, you arrive at 1 296 000 x 2 = 2 592 000. Then we can divide this number by 100 just for fun, arriving thereby at 25 920, which is explicitly equal to The Great Year, which is again a way of describing the exact number of years our Gaia earth uses to wobble one round around its axis. So after 25 920 years, each year consisting of 365.242199 days, the earth’s axis is once again back at the same place, having thus traversed the 360 degree circle.

Looking into the daily life of the Sumerian , it would have been absolutely natural to that Sumerian fellow to divide this number, the great year in seconds, by the fundamental number 6 of the sexadecimal system. This gives us a familiar number, namely 432 000.

In other words, the radius of the sun; 432 000 miles, is telling us in a subtle way that there exists a natural relationship between the well known and widely used numbers 360 and 365,242199, a relationship of eternal recurrence as long as we accept that the Great Year is a true and reliable constant.

(We shall not start to discuss here the reason behind the amazing coincience that there are as many earth diameter along the line that is the sun’s diameter, as there are sun diameters along the line that is the distance between the sun and the earth, namely approximately 109, a number dangerously close to the Indians holy number 108. In fact, it is so close that one could start to fabulate if the 109 is really 108, which would be very interesting because it connects to the 52+2 playing cards as twice that number (54))

And as an extra plus, it may be observed that someone once understood how to define a Mile in such a way as to establish mystic coherency between the diameter of the sun; the  “boss” of our solar system, and that time based parameter; The Great Year. Either that, or there exists a core, fundamental mathematics that is basic to both time and space.

Returning to the poor Sumerian, being so exalted by this recognition of the message of the Sun and recalling the myth about Odin’s whereabouts in the origin of times, could easily have come up with the wild idea of dividing this 432 000 number by 5. He so did, and arrived at the number 86 400, which he after some fast flow of thoughts strictly related to his sexadecimal system found to be a suitable number to represent the day + night. Dividing therefore further with 60 and 60 as usual, he arrived finally at the number 24, and on this very day then, he invented what is today the segmentation of time into what we call “the clock???.

Just to check validity of his whole calculation, the now heavily freaked-out, but exalted Sumerian decided to divide the Great Year with the number 360 looking for proof of consistency. As he had suspected, he then got the answer of 72 years, and having already learned himself the peculiarities of the 12fold segmentation of the zodiac, but of reasons that will have to follow these “minutes???, he concluded that coherency was total when he thusly arrived at 2160 years as the time needed for the earth’s axis to “wobble traverse??? one astrological sign.

The additional fuel for this conclusion he found on the dark side of the moon, where there is no light so that the Law of One and the law of Seven is absolutely invisible. This was because he already knew that the diameter of the moon is 2160 miles, the miles system being by the way a prehistoric invention to the now totally dried out Sumerian.

(We shall not discuss here that the moon, said to be a kind of “regulator for life” on earth, has a size that is 0.2731 times the size of the earth. Nor shall we start to discuss the fact that there is absolutely no reason why this regulator’s orbital period in planetary days should numerically echo this relative size relationship it enjoys with the Earth, namely 27.322 days. There are many peculiar number-“coincidences” in the sun-moon relationship, but here we can just end this paranthesis with reference to what has been called by Isaac Asimov, the respected scientist and science-fiction guru, as being ‘the most unlikely coincidence imaginable’, namely that as seen from the surface of the earth, the moon and the sun has exactly the same diameter, leading to the phenomenon we call a total eclipse. Still stranger is the fact that the relation is so numerically perfect that the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun and 400 times closer to the Earth at the point of a total eclipse. 

Nor shall we here discuss this: The Earth currently turns on its axis 366.259 times for each orbit around the Sun. This number is extraordinarily close to the size relationship of the Earth to the Moon, being 366.175 % larger than the Moon. Earth turns per orbit % size of polar circumference. In other words, the amazing number coincidences are:

Earth 366.259     27.31

Moon 27.396      366.175       (27.396 rotations of the Earth)

It is as if the moon, or rather the various aspects of the sun-earth-mon relationships, were built with built-in messages or “pin code (366)” that at certain point of time would have humanity discover that the moon is actually an artificial, though highly intelligent construct. The constructor wanted humanity to discover this as a fact, with all its implications”. Quotes from Knight, Christopher; Butler, Alan (2014-01-30). Who Built the Moon? (Kindle Locations 101-102). Osprey Publishing Ltd. Kindle Edition.)

Let return to the Sumarian:

He finally, I guess and speculate, came up with the idea to divide this number by 4 arriving therefore at Odinic number of 540. This is the exact moment when he established his respect for the old doctrines; the myths. The Sumerian then, and this again is highly speculative, called a celebrative party of Odinic character since he felt quite brave, and it was late that very same night, at the peak of the party, that he and his friends suddenly came up with the super wild idea of creating 54 numbered plates (cards), again divided by 4, since they needed a system for playing the game of the human evolution and archetypical whereabouts.

RA, on the other hand, being always the right hand of Odin, and perhaps enjoying his status as actually THE best pal of Odin, at least that was my impression, was once incarnated as a sun god in the Egyptian territories for the strict purpose of helping mankind evolve in harmony with the numbers. Knowing of course this whole system of coherent numbers, he decided at that time to build a Giza pyramid for this; overnight and for the benefit of all people. He chose a size of this pyramid so that if it was scaled upwards according to the measure 1:43 200, the lower edges of the pyramid would exactly touch the circumference of the earth on equator. He also chose a height for the pyramid, relatively speaking, so that the total sum of the radius of the earth and the radius of the moon would be exactly equal to this height, provided of course that you use this particular expansion ratio. (Figure from http://www.sacred-geometry.es).

Among other things, he thus wanted to reinforce the fact that time and space is equal. Not only because of the 2160 number, but also because the ratio of the radius of the sun and the radius of the moon has a ratio of 0,273, which is, multiplied with 100, explicitly equal to the moon’s mean time consumption in days for one sidereal orbit around the earth.

It should also be mentioned that: The Indians on their hand, was so inspired by the Sumerian and the Egyptian calculations that they decided to invent something they called Yugas, the smallest one of these having the length of 432 000 years.

Further to this and on the other side of the globe, and probably through various ages of time, the Mayan people, having also visitors arriving directly from Valhalla, decided on many completely weird things with a mathematical bent. Among those a decision to define for example that:

7200 kin divided by 20 unial should equal 1 tun or of course 360 kin.

The story goes on…

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