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While it is suggested to start with The Noa material, here are some more “advanced” examples.

Also note that this page is written in English language, even if Noa is primarily talking in his native language Norwegian. There are examples here when Noa speaks in English, and some of the videos are texted in English. Regardless, the flavor of Noa’s talks should be enjoyable for anyone.

Noa’s legendary comment on the picture of “Femme fatale”

This example has also been released in a post, but it is repeated here because it is so funny and intelligent. What an impressing interpretation of a piece of art!

I got this picture as a present from my stepfather many decades ago, and somehow I have kept it all those years, on the wall of a sleeping chamber. It is Femme fatale in action, isn’t it?

Listen to Noa’s commentary, which is spectacular and a huge laugh as it is the “comedian” role figure that comes forward. This is top comedic quality due to not only the invention of the word “boys-pie”, but even more due to the funny intonation.

A budgie speaks of Femme Fatale


“Mamma kose med 5 stykk. Guttepai…Ja, haha…. på rett’n?”

Translates to:
“Mother having fun with 5 ‘pieces’. Boys-pie! Yes, haha…. really? (unclear voice in the last word)

Take a note on the 5 black balls that in Noa’s interpretation translates to 5 boys. To qualify the intelligence and actually the artistic performance level of this clip, now try yourself to make a more smashing comment on this picture.

Noa resigned after a long day of what he feels is “shooting videos in vain”

This clip may be a challenge to common belief systems with respect to what type of intelligent communication is possible for an animal.

The video has English and Norwegian subtext.


There is escalated annoyance after a long day of my video shooting. We had borrowed a video camera in an attempt to make a Noa documentary. Thus, it was clearly relevant for Noa to be “a tired movie star” at this point of time; some time in the evening. This clip is actually the end of another clip further down the page; “The whispering game”.

There are three voices in a dialogue, such dialogue being by the way a sort of “normal case”, and with recurring voices of a particular “personality”. This is still the case as these notes are written in 2014, however the recording was made in 2008.

In this case, one voice gives the impression of having done all this work in vain, also wondering why he is called “Dirk”. Then another voice that claims he was responsible for inventing that name “Dirk”, with “a bit of luck”.

Then one voice calls the other voice “two lip”, probably pointing to the fact that budgies can do several sounds in parallel. Impressing self-awareness for a bird, not ?

Then finally the Noa voice which is the kind of subservient voice suggesting that he is willing to participate in, or actually allow for since he is the animal, a “kjempe-kjempe-smell” – a very big-big “bang” – later the same evening. The underlying “fact” is that in several of the Noa videos, the impression is given that Noa the bird is a kind of host for several other voices.

For us knowing Noa, these voices – actually this set of particular and recurring voices – are already very well-known.

Noa tries to arrange a soccer match, but that ain’t easy

Of all Noa examples this is the favorite one, even if it is an audio clip only. All of it was recorded during a couple of hours a summer day of 2008. It is largely focused on various aspects of arranging successfully a soccer match. This is not easy, in particular since Noa is rather old-fashioned with respect to inviting females like his mega favorite “mammy” into the game. It is out of the question. Still, Noa concludes that a pipip-ball is incredibly small …


Noa mimics a famous comic strip “Snurre Sprett”, lights a cigarette in despair from watching lousy soccer, have severe trouble with getting more than 3 players to join the match even if searching high and low, blows the whistle while talking, is crying because mamma is gone, etc, etc.

In the end he gives up; “there is not much whistle left”.

Very funny sketches in a constant flow from start to end.

This video also contains an excellent example on direct dialogue between bird and human (me), as Noa becomes quite anxious when I grant him the role as midfield captain of the team.

Finally, there is also a direct hint about reverse speech towards the end of the video as Noa states “bak frem!”. See below for an example of reverse speech.

“Teaparty” in the cage, a non-stop flow of communication

Here is one typical example on a tea party show, in periods a daily event with a duration of minutes or hours, depending on Noa’s mood. The whole clip is included in order to demonstrate that these dialogues sometimes goes on for hours non-stop.

This recording represents Noa on a good day in the sense that any Norwegian spoken person should be able to understand some of what is said on the fly. The session starting approximately 12:40 into the recording is particularly loud and clear.

Notice (if you understand Norwegian), that Noa presents a sort of frantic dialogue between several voices, apparently discussing about rather trivial matters, kissing “soccer kisses”, and having a dialogue being full of mutual commendations. These particular “characters” are well-known by us in the family Janson, they each have their own distinct style, being female or male, humoristic or worried, and so forth.

There is also, basically, a “feel good” type of atmosphere in this recording.

A similar teaparty example

Yet another teaparty

Similar to the above audio clip, this dialogue example is as strange as it could be. Things are seemingly taking place between characters in “another world”. They are discussing things of not-that-great-importance, if not downright trivial. The episodes seem real enough, however, is purely virtual.

The video is only partly texted, and in Norwegian only. Try to translate the rest. In particular toward the end of the clip the words are pretty easy to understand (in Norwegian).

Seemingly, the focus of the discussion is a mix of

(1) things observed in the family, in this case “father” (me) and mother (my wife) and things we do, with empathy, but not without a tint of sarcasm, and

(2) what should be the content of the next show. Should “they” do the “bass guitar” role play, or what?


– “The bassist” is a well-known character in Noa’s repertoire. This character in particular speaks limericks of the type, “balabalabala… ball!”, “balabalabala …ballet”, “balabala …bunt”, “balabalablabalbalabala …blossom”, etc in an endless series of humoristic-laconic variants. Combined with the intonation used, this is one funny guy!

– Sometimes, a trivial matter is escalated out of all proportions to be a very important matter. In other words, not unlike human behaviour. This video contains examples.

– Towards the end, it must be a speculation whether Noa is actually writing letters forming words or other signs into thin air with his distinct body movements, while having in parallel this rather trivial and outspoken dialogue? Tak a look at the end of this video at e.g. 2:37. It is on the todo list to try to interpret some of this.

A large amount of clips like this one has been recorded, and it becomes a strange study when one enters into the depth of the dialogues. Some parts are also outspoken to the extent that it is not suitable to put on a website because it is out of line with respect to standard belief systems regarding a pet. It is interesting that Noa has full control of what type of words may be spoken out loud, and what words are more suitable to be “whispered”. Maybe Noa is actually asking us to revise this belief system?

Example: Noa is talking a mix of English and Norwegian

This video does not need textual translation from Norwegian to English because Noa is suddenly talking perfect English.


The audio quality of this audio recording is not top-notch because a mobile phone was used as recording device. However, the content is spectacular in that Noa speaks both Norwegian and English in the same sentence, and because he states was he is going to do, and then he does it. He kicks down the mobile from the three that he is sitting in. “We scoff this shit. Point this stash!”, and then the mobile is kicked out.

Example: Noa does his legendary wave-kiss and talks about channeling



We will have to excuse certain use of words on this occasion, however it is cool. This is “nasty” Noa coming forward and this role is kind of non-polite and direct, having some fun. As normal, or should we say as default, here is also dialogue between several voices. One of the voices explicitly explains that he was in late arrival and that this is a channeling.

The video has English and Norwegian subtext.

Example: The whispering game and the reverse speaking budgie

This is one “helluva” video documentary. Noa grants firm business advice while talking in reverse, while whispering, while also talking normally forward, etc, and the advice is presented as metaphors.

Strange to say, we learned from Noa that there is in existence something called reverse talk.

Noa would often say “forward and backwards, forward and backwards”, and I spent quite some time pondering on what he meant by that. Finally I grasped that there is a message available also in reverse. You may want to visit the site http://www.reversespeech.com to learn more about this. Maybe there is a scientific approach to the phenomena of reverse speech.

I will have to add that at the time of making this video, I was “awed out” from this strange bird, and my elaborations in the video reflects that. However, my attempt of interpretation was indeed quite relevant to the situation at that time:

We were collaborating to launch a “Deck of cards” entertainment service in Colombia via a Norwegian company, and we had therefore also contact with a Brazilian female friend to investigate possibilities in that country as well. Thus, Noa is spot on here. Unfortunately, this business attempt failed despite the proper counselling of Noa the budgie.

With English and Norwegian subtext.









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