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Grand Solar Spread - Deck of 52 cardsHow to read the Grand Solar Spread

The Grand Solar Spread (GSS) is read from right to left and downwards, and with wrap around from King of Spades to 3 of hearts. The cards are really in one long row, or rather, positioned on a circle circumference, so this table setup with wrap around is just made so as to create a practical tool on one piece of paper, so to speak.

The deeply fascinating and mysterious property of the GSS is that it defines and describes relations between people (cards in this context), here on earth.

Why? According to the so-called musical mathematics that is at the core fabric of world creation, it can easily be explained why each degree in the Zodiac is defined by one of the 52 playing cards. Under the hood, the deck of playing cards is nothing but an advanced musical-mathematical system. Example: There is a strict and simple mathematical correlation between the 52 weeks in a year and the 52 cards. It is DNA mathematics based on the “twelve based math”.

In a simplified “calendar view” manner, this almost corresponds to saying that each day in the year is connected to – stamped by – a particular card. This is simplified for several reasons, one of them being the leap-year inaccuracy. Now the fun begins:

One important rule is that (most) neighbor cards connect for any kind of partnership, be it marriage, platonic, friendship or professional.

As an example, the Ace of Spades is therefore equally neighbor to the 3 of Diamonds and the 7 of hearts. See?

Once these simple rules are grasped, the GSS is a fabolous and awesome tool for the study of relations between people and actually any entity with a birth stamp. Just find the birth card of your friends and yourself and start digging! You will be amazed. The GSS is THE TOOL to demonstrate that astrology works.

To be convinced, take a look at this amazing, but typical example, offering some more explanations as well: A family pedigree example.

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