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  • Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. Voltaire
  • Legominism (definition) – Ancient wisdom that is transmitted beneath a form ostensibly intended for quite a different purpose. G.I.Gurdjieff

  • In the modern world, intelligent man and woman turn away from dogma and superstition. But they should not turn away from any mystery which opens to intelligent inquiry. Seymour B. Ginsburg

The “DNA” magic of the cards

You are about to read about and unveil an incredible secret, hidden in a nearby drawer. I, the author, after a more than a decade of studies and research, find it absolutely magical and wonderful. Hope you will too.

In historic perspective

LOGO-white-bckground-280306According to legend, the deck of cards has been in existence for thousands of years. Some believe it was originated in Atlantis more than 10 000 years ago. True or not, the cards were historically used in popular games, or by fortune tellers for so-called magnetic readings, gypsy style. Today most people still hold a personal fascination for the cards. A deck can be found in any drawer around the world, and beyond competition, it is the most popular game of our modern times.

Yet, it is an amazing fact that the cards contain a well hidden secret of esoteric nature, since its original purpose was to provide a comprehensive tool for analysis of the “human ridicule” at large; the human’s relations and psyche, and to bring this knowledge – deliberately camouflaged as a game – through the dark ages that was foreseen by intelligent minds in the days of old.

Brief introduction to the card magic

There are 52 cards and weeks, 12 face cards and months, and the sum of the cards equals 365. It’s the calendar!

And, is it just an oddity or a mathematical fact that the the number of letters used to write the name of all the cards in a suite is 52, in German, French, Dutch (counting “ij” as one letter) and English?

This only the tip of the ice berg, and it can be easily demonstrated how the deck of cards is nothing else but a most intelligent reflection of the mathematical mechanisms behind world creation, being 12 math based. Thus, it aligns beautifully with the calendars and our solar system, providing an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-understand astrological tool which is all about the 53 (52 + 2 jokers ) human archetypes and their interpersonal chemistry, not to mention their destiny. The uncanny precision level is very impressing and “addictive”.

MysticTestBookIn historic times, this type of knowledge was perhaps considered dangerous for ordinary man and was kept inside secret orders. It was not until 1893, when Olney Richmond released his “Mystic Test Book”, that this secret was brought into public awareness. Mr. Richmond created a lot of fuzz with his incomprehensible card tricks, which was in reality based on pure mathematical calculations. He could do this because the deck of cards is based on the exact same mathematics as is describing the structure of the DNA, the fabric of life. Mr. Richmond was in reality explaining about the “preprogrammed” destiny of any human life, and the importance of using free will in order to exploit the inherent and unique opportunities to the maximum.

The deck of cards is legoministic

It was G. I. Gurdjieff that defined the term legominism as the technique of transmitting information from initiate to initiate, or from generation to generation, from the remote past to the present. According to Gurdjieff, legominism is a conscious peace of art based on the Law of Seven. It may contain “lawful inexactitudes” in which will be found hidden, but vital information, thus the original knowledge is not altered with time. The Deck is deliberately camouflaged as a game, and this is also it’s lawful inexactitude. Simply an amazing construction.

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