I think I must start like in the paper version of shouds; “This is probably not for you unless…”. This story is really disgusting and super mysterious at the same time, a kind of “gritty angel” example.

Yesterday at approx. 15:00 GMT (I am in Norway), I got some serious pressure and tinnitus in my left ear, like never before. Constantly felt like the eardrum would break. Used to these bodily signals, coming in a myriad of various forms, I told my wife as usual that “now something is happening again on the world scene”. She is used to me saying that, and I have not yet presented a false alarm. Well, the pressure just kept on, could not remove it, and I went to sleep with it. My left ear was close to non-functional. This morning it was all gone, and I read in the news about the Etna eruption during the night, and I knew why I got the Etna pressure cooker in my ear. My wife told me that my sleeping behaviour was quite out of my ordinary, with strange movements, etc. She observed it because she was driving our daughter in the middle of the night (some vacational trip).

I am used to this “extra service” from my spiritual entourage, but it is not always “severe incidents”, it can also be e.g. “inventions” or “creative ideas”. I often get those some 6 months before they come from everywhere on the world scene. Like my FreePad of 97, that became a major forerunner to what is today known as ipad type of devices; tablets.

A couple of years back, also stemming from Italy, I woke up in the middle of the night, with my whole left thigh in total cramp. Extremely painful. As normal I took a note on the time, and as I studied the timing the next morning, the cramp was aligned the big earth-crake in Italy. To the second. I was tapping into someone in pain, probably buried alive.

But, I will tell you another one, from a sad event in Norway at the 2011.7.22, where 77 people were killed by a madman. In the days lining up to that disaster, I felt like my face would kind of explode or dissolve, and my temper was just out of line, I was in a deep black mode. Being already used to interference from spirit, I was angry, asking “What the heck are you doing with my face?”. So, I took a picture of my face as “evidence”, kind of childish.

It was one year later as I migrated to a new phone that I found the picture and discovered the message in my forehead, but that day, when it happened, as I heard it on the radio, I immediately knew everything about the event. This “knowingness” accompanies the bodily impressions.

I bring the picture here for those interested. If it where not for the number 22, that one year later had dissolved, probably since long, one could explain the 7/77 as aging wrinkles, but with the 22, the 7/77 also become realistic. As you might have guessed: at the 22.7, 77 people were killed. That’s the message on my forehead, in the days lining up to this disaster. As I suspect, I even composed a song about it, called little human blues, several years before (2007).

More often than bodily impressions, I discover similar artefacts in the (passing) surroundings. I may create an example later on. I am used to all this and my pulse do not raise, and I am a very happy camper all in all, but I am pondering on why I get it. Since I cannot guess that a pressure in ear corresponds to an upcoming, vulcanic eruption, it is really unusable as such. Maybe its purpose is to write an essay like this? This is what I am trying to find out.

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