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Audio technology

Reviews or point of views from the realm of the audiophile, a strange entity always searching audio equipment that can provide satisfactory compliance and equilibrium in the trinity of “audio quality”, “functionality” and “aeasthetics”. This quest is all about discovering betterment or reform in audio playback, in fact to the extent that what can ultimately be heard in the living room becomes an exact audio copy of what took place live. It will never happen, but the chase is a good thing.

Mandatory EQing of FIIO FH7 IEMs.

The original eq suggestions in version 1 of this post has been deleted, because we found a better way. As stated in several reviews, e.g. by NymPHONOMania, FH7 has great potential, but there is a harshness in the presence area that kind of destroys the fun. In the referenced review,...

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LG V10, the smartphone prodigy

The LG V10 is nothing but a small smartphone revolution, a pioneering prodigy and an engineering masterpiece. In addition to its core features as an upper-class smartphone, it contains an audiophile 32bit hi-fi DAC destined for the audiophile community. The playback quality is unbelievable; of audiophile grade, and the sound...

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