2: er Norges nasjonalkort

Introduksjon Carl Gustav Jung var med sin forskning på kognitive funksjoner kjent som en klok mann. Han la viktige grunnlag som andre siden utviklet videre, for eksempel den såkalte Myers-Briggs type preferanse, et fascinerende og presist analysesystem, gitt dens kobling mellom kognitive og kroppslige funksjoner. Han sa også dette: “Alt...

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Why Clinton/Trump has bad chemistry

It's the game of Musical Chair!
The deck of cards as an archetypal system is excellent when it comes to defining inter-personal chemistry between types. By DNA-like mathematical exactness, the flavor of relations may be defined as potentially passionate, harmonious, somewhat indifferent, or even antagonistic. Here is why the candidates ..

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The U.S. Election, part II

On an entertainment level, let’s have another look at the U.S. election at the 8th of November 2016. This article is not announcing a winner, but there are very interesting cards lining up. Both candidates will be subject to a no-surprise change in job situation (5♠), and both candidates will encounter the...

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How to read tea leaves in 2016

While the englishmen are studying cropcircles and those in the east are reading tea leaves, grandmother was a renowned expert in the noble sport of cofee grounds destiny patterns. Spirit has many informal ways. I have my own modern variant; the study of moist napkins arranged around the elliptical machine at the...

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FaceBook developer API 2 diminished

Unfortunately, Facebook has done changes in the latest version of its developer API, in that apps may no longer fetch friends list with birthdays. All the fun apps exploiting user statistics are thus gone. The water is out of the pool, and our own app, the Matchmaker DOC, is one premium example. The...

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