• Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well. Jack London
  • We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game. Randy Pauschs

  • In the modern world, intelligent man and woman turn away from dogma and superstition. But they should not turn away from any mystery which opens to intelligent inquiry. Seymour B. Ginsburg

Why Chelsea and Mourinho is in trouble 2015.

For most people age 52 becomes a pivotal year. Time has come to wrap up “life” thus far and make ready for the next phase. This process has a duration of approximately one year and is particularly strong or dramatic for certain cards, like the Ace of Diamonds.

Chelsea’s manager José Mourinho is born under the influence of this card.

Here in October 2015, Mourinho is constantly in heavy trouble and is giving silly speeches in the after-match outbound green room. His unbeatable champion team of 2014 is all of a sudden producing an awkward and inexplicable series of losses, and there is a crisis in Chelsea now. Why?

It’s in the cards, and let’s have a look: Mourinho is born January 26, 1963, a day stamped by the Ace of Diamonds (AD). This is therefore Mourinho’s so-called birth card. On a superficial level, Mourinho’s destiny patterns will be influenced by this card.

Mourinho is thus 52 years old, often a year that marks a turning point in life. People celebrate their fiftieth birthday, but would actually be better off celebrating the fifty-second. Think of this as similar to the fact that, after 52 weeks, one year ends and new year begins. Age 52 is like that last week of the year, only it lasts almost a year.

For some cards, this turning-point year can feel like quite a rough ride.

As old things comes to an end, we walk around at age 52 waiting for the next phase of life, perhaps feeling a bit like in a vacuum: Not only are the dear old stuff suddenly slushed out, but importantly; new the things have not yet arrived. It can bring a year with all sorts of “funny walks??? on our part, like the Mourinho speech in defense of himself in prime time television at the 3rd of October 2015.

The “feeling of severity” at age 52 is highly dependent on what is your birthcard. On one end of the scale, a few cards have a great year without any noticeable artefacts, while on the other end, there are a few cards that may have a year that feels like an endless row of crisis.



And the card likely to have the roughest ride of them all is just that ace of diamonds (AD). In addition to the turning point type of energy that typically represent itself at age 52, the ace of diamonds is just so very tightly connected to the nine of Spades that year.



9sThe nine of spades (9S), entitled by some “The universal giver”, is a highly peculiar archetype, being all about losses, frustrations, no-hope-left and endings of all kinds. Take a look at that card, the pip in the middle completely blocks the way through the card for any opportunities. Literally, there is no option but to concentrate on releasing whatever is old and outdated, but note that this is often a blessing in disguise.


A brief explanation

But why is the AD connected to the 9S? Take a look at the figure below, then read on.

AD at plate 52

The “plate” called the Grand Solar Spread explains in various ways about the relations between the cards. While that plate describes a permanent setup for life – “Life on earth” – the card relations also change through life, creating temporary timelines by a shuffling of the cards through a mathematical process called quadration. This results in new plates like the plate 52 above.

The card system explains about a number of so-called timeline cards, which are other cards “visiting” a particular card for a predefined time period.

For the ace of diamonds, at age 52, what are these timeline cards? As a first step, observe on the plate representing age 52 that the ace of diamond has moved. It has moved into the original slot of the nine of spades.

It has replaced – is displacing – the nine of spades in several ways. We cannot explain all that here, but here is a summary:

  • The seven-year displacement card is 9S
  • The one-year displacement card is 9S
  • The 52-day card starting in May is 9S

In other words, at age 52 the ace of diamonds is subject to a completely amazing condensation of the nine of spades archetype, and thus, almost inevitably will experience a pivotal year filled with endings and losses.

Not to mention new beginnings, since the yearly focus card is the seven of spades; the “bird phenix”. That means cutting down the old and outworn to make room for new beginnings, like cutting down a tree at the root; regeneration.

With this overwhelming level of “ending” energy, it is not unlikely that the Ace of diamonds will conclude that everyone else, for example the players or the owner in the case of Mourinho, is to blame, but at the same time, it is an extraordinary opportunity to take a really good look in the mirror and make way for a great future.

While most cards in the deck may experience a relief of this 52 type of energy at age ~52.75, the ace of diamonds will due to this setup of timeline cards have to endure this process for the whole year.

But it is not all bad, because an ending can be an ending of something good. In Mourinho’s case, his team won the title while he had that 52-day nine of spades card. There was some noise with the female team doctor, but he won the title, apparently something good.

From that Championship, perhaps Mourinho thus concluded that this must be the start of a golden era for the “special one”; himself? That could happen of course, but studying the cards, it looks more like that it was the ending of a great period.

No doubt, if the ace of diamond can handle this pivotal energy, it will feel and be renewed, refurbished and ready for the next phase like no other card. The upside of coping well with age 52 can be great.

If you detect you are an ace of diamond yourself, do not despair. Just prepare for a special year lying ground for new opportunities, afterwards.

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