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  • We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game. Randy Pauschs
  • Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. Voltaire

  • Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is foolishness Wikiquote

The U.S. election in the cards, part1

Let’s have a first look at the U.S. Presidency election of 2016.

Hillary Clinton is a 9, and for a starter, look to the Grand Solar Spread and observe that the 9 is neighbor to the 7♣; Bill Clinton.

In the news, she is presently “down” to the extent that she had last week several initiatives in the election campaign that was not well received, for example improper judgements about people supposedly voting for Donald Trump. On top of that, there is hesitations in the public eye regarding her health and whether or not she is fitted for presidency.

In a simplified manner, let’s look for confirmation in her timeline cards. She is currently in the seventh period of her birth year with the 9♣ as 52day card.

The 9♣ offers intellectual insight into the complete pictures of things, and this card is also fairly important as a card that connects people. It is for such reasons often called the card of strenght.

On the other hand, in numerology the number 9 is signalling some kind of ending, normally perceived as some kind of loss or dissappointment. As this is taking place in the 7th period of the year, the 9♣ is historically interpreted as “dissapointment regarding a (long) journey”, for example explaning the recently cancelled fund-raising trip to California.

In this case, the 9♣ brings Hillary face to face with the 3, which archetypical energy is uncertainty or creativity regarding “the manifistation of values”; (), historically “A sudden undecision regaring a pecuniary matter, two business ways open at once and generally a feeling of uneasy insecurity”.

Note that Donald Trump’s sun position on the zodiak is bordering on the 3 and the 4. Consequently, Donald will mirror Hillary’s timeline cards.

The general interpretation may well be that Hillary in this 52 day period will face a lossy type of situation creating some kind of uncertainty.

To top it all, the underlying energy of this energy – “the 9♣ bridging to the 3” – is nothing else if not the 2♣; “the debate”. It means the “lossy/ending uncertainty/creativity will become evident as she encounters Donald in the forthcoming debates, where it will be up to Hillary to reap the positive side of these energies and conquer Donalds current “desire for affection”; the A. This should actually be an opportunity for her, if she can only play the cards right.

There is more to say about the election and it is indeed becoming highly interesting. For both candidates, it is directly connected to the 5♠; “A change of employment” and may thus develop to quite a thriller, for all to watch.

More on that soon, but as a teaser, expect Hillary to bounce back around the days surrounding her birthday at the 26th of October, as her new timeline card then will be the 2; “the dealer wheeler”, indeed a power card ready for any negotiation (debate), or historically: “An unexpected pecuniary offer. A business interview. A telegram on business”.

The peculiar card setting for election day at the 8th of November? Hold the line!

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