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The U.S. Election, part II

On an entertainment level, let’s have another look at the U.S. election at the 8th of November 2016. This article is not announcing a winner, but there are very interesting cards lining up. Both candidates will be subject to a no-surprise change in job situation (5♠), and both candidates will encounter the immense authority of 8♠, the mystery here.

Here are the 52day timeline cards for Hillary Clinton (9) and Donald Trump (4).

Hillary Clinton

From her birthday a few days away, the timeline card will be 2♦.

Traditional interpretation (period 1 of 7 of the year)

2 implies debate (2) on values (), and in period 1: A business arrangement suddenly concluded. An unexpected pecuniary offer. A business interview. A telegram on business. The underlying influence is 5♠; A sudden journey. A change of employment. Kind of promising for her.

2 bridges 9 to an encounter with 8♠; strong-willed (♠) leadership (8). It represents power to control and carry on profession or labor. Rapid accomplishment of work. Ability to succeed against antagonistic circumstances. The underlying influence of this 8♠ is J; a quick or intelligent young man. In some cases, a rival or lawyer friend. Figuratively speaking, is it Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton will be strong in debates (2), and it will involve a change of employment (5♠), but not necessarily that of becoming president. There is definitely an encounter with some slow-moving (J) power (8♠), possibly involving the law.

Donald Trump

In the case of Donald Trump, available birth data indicates he is 4, even if born on a 3 day. The 4 archetype appears more relevant, with its ability to create diamond structures as well as a definite wish for leadership and command. His timeline card at the moment is A.

Additionally, Trump has the K as the so-called long-range card, and if the businessman is put on pause, this card is literally focusing on building a Kingdom (of presidency). This trend may be in the confirmative since his 4 is in the K♣ native slot this year, and that card is often spinning out as success within the field of communications. Both these kings may be indicative of taking on roles of leadership.

Traditional interpretation (period 3 of 7 of the year)

A; A desire for affection, and in period 3: A wish to be of help to a friend. A friend in trouble. Desire to stand well. 

A may also mean “a love letter”, and there has indeed been a wave of negative “love letters” lately, arriving from insulted women from Trump’s past, possibly deliberate as a part of the campaign of the opponent. The A is in his own 4 slot and could therefore be extra significant. Beyond being his sun card, 4 means termination of a law case, happy ending of trouble. At the very least, there should be no doubt about his wish to become president.

Abridges 4to an encounter with 8♠; same as Clinton! The underlying influence for Trump is JA young married man, or a middle aged single man, or an attorney at law, or a law clerk.

On a historic note, Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015. It is interesting to note that his 4 card that very day was entering the 8♠ slot as a yearly influence and context, a card combination that most likely was the main reason for the announcement. Also note that the two kings this year may be seen as a continuation of this trend.

On both candidates

It is interesting that both candidates will encounter the power of the 8♠, in particularly for Trump, because the underlying influence is the birth card of the U.S. as a nation, as 4th of July is ruled by the J, (The tightrope walker).  Jan attorney at law, who is it? The supreme court pondering on who won?

However, in a more spiritual manner, Clinton’s 2♦ will also bridge the 9 to the J. It means both candidates are operating in the context of the U.S. as a nation, symbolized (pinpointingly) by the J.

On another note, the Jack cards may sometimes show their immaturity, inter alias, a not-yet ready to be king type of energy. And sure enough, we are witnessing a very strange and almost childish election process.

With these rows of cards blending into a certain coherency centering on the 8♠, it is to be expected that some “4th of July constitutional” (J) and “slow-moving” (J) power or authority will be engaged in the result of the election. It makes one think of the never-ending story of Al Gore and George Bush more than a decade ago.

Could it be that the preamble released by Donald Trump regarding the validity of the forthcoming election will escalate? It’s a possibility.

Also, observe that at the 19th of November, Trump will get 5♠ as timeline card, and it will bridge him to nothing else if not the 9 slot; Hillary! With high probability, something is going on with Hillary here, but she may possibly not respond as she is over in the 7♦ slot in her new year. The underlying influence of 5♠ is 2♠, “a duel of swords ending in peace”. It can also mean to be one with nature forces, in a kind of pleasant lonelyness (e.g. hunting). Unless Trump decide to grab the sword and revolt against the U.S. election system, it could be he will face and acknowledge defeat to Clinton, and then hit the woods.

From the minor Arcana

The 8♠ corresponds to the eight of swords in the Tarot minor Arcana, and is less positive as a “sword”; Interference.

The Lord of Interference, as it is called, is the card that comes up to indicate deliberate or accidental interference with the natural flow of energy. This may come from inside ourselves, or from an outer (and possibly malicious) source.

Since both are subject to a simultaneous encounter with this card, there may be some sort of external event, perhaps even of force majeure caliber, that will represent the 8♠ and cause, yes, interference.

Ending note

We may expect some type of legal or complex drama related to the power and authority of 8♠, unless of course, the whole election process may be seen generally as a 8♠ type of event.

Albeit, the timeline cards are very destiny-like for both candidates, and indeed they look like candidates. Can’t wait for the result.

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