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Tilbakemelding fra en finsk fasteekspert

Etter å ha gjennomført en 12 dagers faste (2013) med godt resultat, ønsket jeg å vite mer og sendte følgende henvendelse til faste ekspert Jouko Pursiainen ved Medica Natural i Finland. Svaret inneholder svært interessant informasjon.

Min epost


I read about Jouko Pursiainen and his wide experience with fasting on this page:

I have just finished a 12 day waterfast with astonishing results as my svollen knee and ankles, and my “rheumatic??? attacks are all gone. I was really having health problems the last 6 months, but in a bodily manner I am now completely restored.

With a scientific bent, I would like to understand better why fasting helps against this and that. Is there a way you can help me to the proper knowledge on as to how and why fasting helps agains heart diseases, etc. I suspect in my case that I had a kidney problem which is often related to arteriosclerosis. For example I wonder; does fasting literally remove fat from the inner walls of the artery system, or what is actually happening that cause such a quick and brilliant remedy ?

Many thanks for any recommendations on this matter.

Kind regards from Norway

Carl Henrik Janson


Svaret fra  Jouko Pursiainen


Thank you for the questions about fasting and trusting me to be able to answer you.

1) The first fact is that fasting reduce the content of urine acid in blood. It makes the body more alkaline and it reduce the symptoms of rheumatic attacks and disorders. It would be more effective to fast with juices besides water and herbteas (3-5 glasses of carrotjuice or other juices per day). Juices are more alkaline than pure water during fasting.

2) Secondly fasting forces the body to use “selective catabolism??? to produce energy during fasting. That means, that body offers such kind of bodily mass for energy source, that is surplus for it. So the body takes so called waste material instead of valuable body material, that means fat from arterywalls and basalmembran inside the capillary walls, amyloid, AGE-products, cholesterol and so on. That means better bloodflow and better metabolism through the connective tissue between the cells and bloodflow. In the kidneys their are many kilometers of arteries and capillaries and connective tissue surrounding it. So after fast long enough the kidney functions go better and the kidneyproblems decrease.

3) When the man is eating day after day, the body has no any possibility to make this “selective catabolism??? and so the waste material gradually increase. The fast gives the body the only possibility to force the metabolism to the selective catabolism. The body energy need reduces 30% or even more during fast and this saving can be used to increase the healing power of the body. It means the healing power for illnesses. In the body their is 120 000 km capillaries and arteries. The wall area of them and the area of connective tissue is about 3000-5000m2 total. It is easy to imagine what it means for the metabolism when it increases 10-20% after the fast.

4) Their are even more positive details in fasting, but these are the most important. (other details are increasing effectivnes of enzymes, hormones, nervecontroll and so on……)

5) It is a little bit difficult to get deeper information of fasting. The best knowledge you can get from German health literature is as Hippokrates Verlag. Or websites ; ;

Best Regards, Jouko Pursiainen

hjemmelaget eplemost laget med saftkoker

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  • The most natural exercises and by far the best are walking, dancing, and singing. Arnold Ehret
  • Instead of looking outside of ourselves and counting potential enemies, fasting summons us to turn our glance inward, and to take the measure of our greatest challenge: the self, the ego, in our own eyes and as others see us. Tariq Ramadan
  • I must say in all seriousness that fasting when combined with a properly selected diet is the nearest approach to a ‘cure-all’ that is possible to conceive– profoundly simple and simply profound! John Tilden
  • Only thru a mucus-free diet can we expect to eliminate the accumulation of waste and obstructions deposited in the body tissues during a lifetime of wrong eating. Arnold Ehret
  • Every fool can fast, but only the wise man knows how to break a fast. G. B. Shaw
  • Due to [the] effects of fasting, a fast can help you heal with greater speed; cleanse your liver, kidneys, and colon; purify your blood; help you lose excess weight and water; flush out toxins; clear the eyes and tongue; and cleanse the breath. James F. Balch
  • Fasting is a natural method of healing. When animals or savages are sick, they fast. Paramahansa Yogananda
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Lao Tzu
  • Nature wipes out the weak, the degenerated ones who violated. Arnold Ehret
  • Fasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy. It is nature’s ancient, universal ‘remedy’ for many problems. Elson Haas
  • In the body their is 120 000 km capillaries and arteries. The wall area of them and the area of connective tissue is about 3000-5000m2 total. It is easy to imagine what it means for the metabolism when it increases 10-20% after the fast. Jouko Pursiainen
  • Fasting is the greatest remedy– the physician within. Philippus Paracelsus
  • Every sick person has a more or less mucus clogged system Arnold Ehret
  • Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit. Ezra Taft Benson
  • If something is wrong with anyone, look first to the stomach Arnold Ehret
  • In a fast, the body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed Herbert M. Shelton
  • Instead of using medicine, better fast today. Plutarch
  • You have now learned how wrong medicine is, trying to stop nature’s healing, eliminating process, called disease, and thereby increasing the inside waste through drugs and serums. Arnold Ehret
  • I often observe in the fasting participants that by four days of fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil and a natural joy begins to appear. Gabriel Cousins
  • A little starvation can really do more for the average sick man than can the best medicines and the best doctors. Mark Twain
  • The purpose of fasting is to loosen to some degree the ties which bind us to the world of material things and our surroundings as a whole, in order that we may concentrate all our spiritual powers upon the unseen and eternal things. Ole Christian Hallesby
  • Fasting is the strongest appeal to the human being’s natural powers of healing and self-rejuvenation, on both a spiritual and corporeal level. Heinz Fahrner
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