SoundPimp thieves

When developing and selling audio software applications for computer hifi, namely SoundPimp, should we then take it as an honor and appreciation, or as a problem, or perhaps both, that numerous entities around the world are offering or searching for a “crack” of SoundPimp?

If your intention is to steal something, unless it is some kind of sport, what is stolen normally has a value, hasn’t it?

Never mind, but it is both amazing and fascinating that normal people who willingly would pay $5200 or $52 000 for a car, and ten times that for a house-on-a-property, would work day and long nights searching the internet for pirate versions of a software application which signature is a significant audio enhancement, but which is one sale for a reasonable price of $52 only?

It is a choice we have, to steal or to buy what we want.

Google top-of-the-iceberg search results per 13. September 2015:

SP crack search result


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