Those slippery laptop power cables!

For a number of years I have been searching half-consciously around for a remedy against those slippery power cables used to feed my laptops. I have tried the python trick, coiling up the cable around a nearby flowerpot, and all sorts of other dummy attempts.

No matter what I did, the cable has always refused to stay on the table when not connected to the laptop. It would always escape down to the floor asap upon release.


Here is finally the solution, a rubber strip strong-glued around the de-magnetization bulb (or what it is called, I don’t know). Probably a normal rubber band would work too.

I am very disappointed with myself that I did not think of this ten years ago, but with equal force I am reproving and pointing fingers at those power cable manufacturers not offering me this as a default. After all, they make a living of those still mandatory cables and should know better. I am just a passing user.

Power cable manufacturers, consider a click-of-salvation on this mysterious button:



Look, it stays on my red piano grand of 1899!



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