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The Sabian Symbols of Hillary Clinton

This article is actually the part IV of my series of analysis of the U.S. election. This election is just a golden opportunity to exemplify the power of two systems centering around degree astrology, namely  (1) the Deck of Cards destiny system, and (2), the beautiful and metaphorical poems of the Sabian Symbols. In my interpretations, like this one, I often combine them as they function in a complementary manner.

To grasp the intelligent messages of the Sabian symbols, it is often appropriate to slow down and contemplate, however some of the symbols are strikingly clear also.

This analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Sabian Symbols is based on the birth time information referenced in The U.S. election, part III. Musical chair? Per this information, given by herself, her ascendant is in Gemini 29.49”, which is only seconds away from Cancer 1, corresponding to a time stamp of 20:00 or 20:01, respectively. Read about the meaning of the ascendant somewhere else, but in one sentence, it’s the outer personality, the channel through which interaction with the outer world takes place. Importantly, note that the ascendant is directly dependent on the minute of birth, and this most often needs rectification. It means all discussions on the ascendant below is speculative, but for now we will assume that 20:01 is correct, because it appears to be. Hillary then have these symbols:

The ascendant (personality)

The ascendant in Cancer 1:

On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.

Stop! Let’s write this again, with explanatory notes in parenthesis. The striking power of the Sabian Symbols immediately becomes evident:

hillarybillclintonOn a ship (The Unites States of America), the sailors (The Clintons) lower an old flag (Bill) and raise a new one (Hillary).


Cool, and no more comments, except to repeat that this is her facade only, so let’s take a look at her essence. Is it suited for presidency?

The sun (Destiny)

The sun is in Scorpio 3:

A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation.

This symbol is all about positive cooperation in a small community, however, on the “low” side, this could involve taking advantage of group generosity, or to be keeping oneself to an “elite” group. At the very least, this symbol says that Clinton is able to gather support from “her tribe”, be it fund raising for the current campaign, or her philanthropic funding arrangements.

The Moon (Emotions, relations, “public life”)

The Moon is in Pisces 30:

A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy (Hillary Clinton) who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.

This symbol speaks of greatness. On a subconscious, emotional and relational level, therefore, Hillary Clinton probably “feels” quite strongly that she is born to be or suited to be president.

Clinton’s 2. progressed Sabian Symbols

There is something called 2. progression in the art of Astrology. It is an interesting study, and strong enough that the progressed Sabian symbolism is perhaps the best tool for rectifying the birth time of a person, sometimes down to seconds.

As an effect in the daily life, however, consider these symbols as an added flavor, do not over-emphasize on their importance.

The Ascendant (Personality)

Hillary’s ascendant is just now – these days – progressing from Leo 23:

In a circus the bareback rider (Hillary Clinton) displays her dangerous skills.

Yes, the election process is nothing but a circus, so this is pinpointing in a self-evident manner. Now the ascendant moves into Leo 24:

Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man (Hillary Clinton) is sitting in  state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness

This does not look like a hectic president!

The Moon (Emotions, relations, “public life”)

Towards the end of August 2016, the progressed moon moved from Libra 18:

Two men (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?) placed under arrest

into Libra 19:

A gang of robbers in the hiding

Robbers must be seen as what Hillary Clinton perceive as robbers, for example the rather strange maneuver from FBI, with their re-opening of her email case just days before the election. Unless you hate conspiracy theories, do not rule out that there is some power behind the trone trying to create interference and trap this candidate.

Note: Read The U.S. Election, part II, where I predicted that this would happen a few days after her birthday at the 26th of October. 

Just now, the progressed moon is moving into Libra 20:

A Rabbi performing his duties

This is the power of being able to draw on ancient traditions and wisdom in order to serve and inspire. It could be read as an indication of a position of authority. Like that of being president.

The Sun (Destiny)

Hillary Clinton’s progressed Sun is currently half way through Capricorn 13:

A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence

Meditation again. There are several hints of pause and meditation along the lines of these progressed symbols. Because Trump is the only other candidate, one would need to examine his “Sabian chances” in the same way as here, and then compare and suggest a winner, but this line of symbols do suggest that Hillary Clinton is entering some sort of pause. Of course, to be president would be a “pause” from her normal life, but..

A brief look around the next corner

Let’s complement these Sabian symbols with a brief look at Clinton’s card timeline for her new birth-year. There seem to be some rough days ahead, in particular the 104 days starting at the 7th of February. This will be a period of endings and clearing out old stuff that is no longer useful, as given by the following row of 52-day timeline cards (see start dates below). It is nothing to be afraid of, but experiencing endings is not the favorite sport of most humans. It is human to feel sad in such situation, forgetting that new possibilities are just around the corner. Timeline:


J (card of sacrifice), some kind of sacrifice is bridging her to an encounter with 7♠ (bird phoenix; rebuilding from scratch). Hard to tell what is sacrificed, but for the eventuality of becoming president, the loss of private life would certainly be a part of the picture.

9♠ (Endings, clearing out the old stuff). Possibly related to the underlying influence; 9♣; her ascendant, please see above. Maybe Hillary Clinton will need to put an end something related to her outer facade and personality.

To that comes that the J, a card that brings her to an encounter with the 10♠; hard work in silence, not much time for the public. Again, this may very well be related to the loss of something related to the U.S (J) , due to the underlying influence being the 9♠. As a president, it will typically be a complex situation in the urgent need of leadership, but on a more private basis, it may be a period of endings and sorrow that will be difficult to handle. One can anticipate that a defeat against Donald Trump would be an example of such a process.

There is one important additional note on this 9♠ underlying influence. Due to having her sun in 9, the so-called cosmic twin of 7, Hillary Clinton will, throughout life, experience 9♠ as an underlying influence every second year, namely in the 52-day period #4 (of 7). This means she has probably developed a better than average way of handling this rather demanding energy. It is most likely less rough for her.

Moment of truth is due at the 6th of Nov

hillarymomentoftruth061116Update the 7th of November. This was a spot-on prediction. The truth was that FBI decided at the 6th of November to not investigate further the case regarding Clinton’s public emails sent via her private account.

It would be fun to predict the outcome of the election, with reasoning and all, but is it possible? We use all available tools:

Looking for further clues in the more traditional transit horoscope, something else is observed: At the 5th of 6th of November, just 2 days prior to election day, Hillary Clinton will be subject to something astrologers call “the moment of truth”. It is when transitting Mercury is conjunct natal (born) Mercury. There is a flow of rational information at that point. Normally it is nothing “huge”, but expect some news, be it something from the FBI investigation, or simply another public poll on who will win. It is not necessarily a negative event, because it is also a day to be alert, and mentally sharp and clear. Since it takes place in the 6th house, it may be related to health, work & survival.


Ending note: I have no idea who produced the funny “featured image” used, but it arrived at my Facebook page and I grabbed it. Excellent work and thanks to the creator. Funny!

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