When a bird speaks using human language or gestures

This website has a section called The Noa material available from the front page. Subsequently, here is a brief intro-analysis of what’s going on. Noa was filmed by Dagbladet Media in 2009, in order to ensure confirmation of his verbal skills by an external entity having a certain reliability in the public eye. We realize that our own family videos of Noa could be perceived to be “just too fantastic to be true”. Anyone could rightfully speculate that these videos could be a forgery. With the Dagbladet videos, we aimed at counteracting or preventing such conclusions in order to hopefully fuel and participate in a debate on animal intelligence and similar kindred issues. Noa was also subject for a (rather confused) discussion on animal intelligence in the NRK radioshow “Abels Taarn” (after the Norwegian mathematician Abel), at the 25th of January 2014. Regarding budgies communicating with humans or other creatures using human language or gestures, at least three levels of complexity may be defined, and I will cover them here. What follows is preliminary.


The basic level is mimicry, which is cute and very entertaining. This is normally categorized and accepted as a basic ability that some types of birds just have. It is typically perceived as entertaining, fun and amazing. In most people’s mind it requires no additional explanations or rationale beyond being a natural part of life.

Context Speaking budgies

Then comes the level of the so-called context speaking budgies, by the way a more modern phenomena and terminology. This phenomenon is birds that for unknown reasons have the intelligence to speak in a way that is perceived relevant to the present situation or context. This is starting to get mysterious, because it is inexplicable or at least very impressing that a bird would communicate intelligent information on the fly like that. (Some moderate Noa examples will come here)

Mysteriously intelligent-speaking budgies

Then there is a final third stage, when the commentary is just too intelligent to be stemming from the bird itself. Often the talks will be of a top-notch and almost super human quality with respect to its content, the intonation used, etc. Here follows some example, and below that a discussion on what is taking place as our bird takes on the lead role as the super-human of the family.

Example: Noa comments on the picture of “Femme fatale”

I got this picture as a present from my stepfather many decades ago, and somehow I have kept it all those years, on the wall of a sleeping chamber. It is Femme fatale in action, isn’t it? Listen to Noa’s commentary, which is nothing else if not spectacular and a huge laugh as it is the “comedian” role figure that comes forward. I would say that any Norwegian would agree that this is top comedic quality due to not only the invention of the word “boys-pie”, but even more due to the funny intonation.   A budgie speaks of Femme Fatale   Norwegian: “Mamma kose med 5 stykk. Guttepai…Ja, haha…. på rett’n?” Translates to: “Mother having fun with 5 ‘pieces’. Boys-pie! Yes, haha…. really? (unclear voice in the last word) To qualify the intelligence and actually the artistic performance level of this clip, now try yourself to make a better comment on this picture. Here  is a page with more Noa examples

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