Honor to HTC One with Blumlein Stereo and supreme audio

Dear all,

as an audio enthusiast I would like to take an opportunity to restate what many have forgotten, namely that Blumlein invented stereo in the 1930ies. From that and given the fact that time flies away, one should perhaps be able to conclude that stereo on playback devices had reached the stage of being no less than a basic human right ?

This is not so and may those lousy iPad mono devices from Apple be subject to a complete stop in sale, in particular now as HTC has introduced stereo loudspeakers on even their mobile phones, and therefore becomes my opportunity to put mono in disgrace once and for all.

FreePad with fantastic stereo boom-boom sound, a forerunner to iPadI already did one serious attempt at that a decade ago, with the FreePad. In its penumbra, let me at least assure you that the speaker-cylinder had proper boom-boom stereo sound, hard to beat by any laptop, pad or phone device of 2013.

I show FreePad here in the hope that a present day device manufacturer may snap the idea. I would surely like that cylinder as an extra goody snap-on to my current pad, a Samsung. 

Honor to HTC for putting priority on realistic audio quality. I am really looking forward to try that HTC One with the SoundPimp audio enhancer, best audiophile surround software around today. Listen to the demo.

Anyway, look at that funny mono device to the left, hahahahaha haha hahahaha!




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