Gunshots in the forest

After having walked by the multiple training shooting fields of Skytterkollen outside Oslo/Norway oh-so many times, I in 2019 decided to make a recording of the sound of a gunshot and how it interacts beautifully with the forest in a fascinating “svushing” manner. It became my best binaural bootleg ever. You really deserve to use good headphones for this recording, and it sounds more natural with “in ear” headphones than with “over ear” headphones, since the microphones were positioned in the ear.

The microphones I make myself, this time based on the quite famous EM172 capsules. The total cost is approx 20$, but the sound quality is top notch. You can do it, too.

Just relax yourself and listen.

mp3-320 version:


Lossless 9624 wav version:



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