FaceBook developer API 2 diminished

Unfortunately, Facebook has done changes in the latest version of its developer API, in that apps may no longer fetch friends list with birthdays. All the fun apps exploiting user statistics are thus gone. The water is out of the pool, and our own app, the Matchmaker DOC, is one premium example.

The Matchmaker DOC app, what can it do?

For most people, this app is an innocent but spectacular parlor game, able to demonstrate on the fly with whom and when people will connect and come into a social setting, be it as Facebook friends or for marriage. Once you grasp its tremendous power, it will swiftly become a timethief playground for a study of your relations of all kinds.

In very brief: This app with working title DOC (Deck of Cards), delivers a fresh approach as it automatically converts a birthday to a birthcard according to the musical-mathematical (not gypsy style) system outlined in the ancient Mystic Test Book. Each card is an easy recognizable archetype, and with the cards at hand the matchmaking can begin immediately. Very easy to use, too.

Most of all, it is fun to see how we connect with other “cards”. The Facebook friend list gets a whole new dimension, so to speak.


At the core of this destiny system is the highly amazing way that the cards connect with its other favorites cards.

Take a look at the marriages of a family tree to the left. Results are typical!


Amazingly, all marriages can be promptly explained as a neighbor pair of cards; those double yellow pins.

In a similar fashion, children will pop out as neighbor cards to their parents.

Why? Because the golden rule of the DNA math is such that neighbor cards connect for marriage or friendship. It is just like music notes fitting together in perfect harmony, or not. These two card layouts above (Pure Spread, Grand Solar) are based on the same mathematics as is the double helix of the DNA. This is also why it works; it’s in our DNA, and it’s in the cards, in literal ways.

DOC app skjermklipp

As we programmed the DOC app to collect friends from Facebook and add the birthcard, for those users allowing for that, we were thus looking forward to a whole new type of entertaining and “timeconsuming” playground for FaceBook users;  a new kind of matchmaking arena.

When you discover how bluntly the cards connect, you just cannot stop researching your historic, present and possible future relations.

See this snapshot of my FB friends list as it used to work in the app connected to Facebook with API 1.0, showing birth card to the left, and current timeline cards of duration 52 and 365 days, meaning: I was likely to meet a 4 of clubs during the year, which happened, and a Queen of Diamonds in the 52 days period, which also happened.

We have developed a lot of interesting social-relation-based statistiscs for this app. We studied the card system for more than a decade prior to starting the development phase. It is a very strong system, offering an extraordinary precision level with regard to how people connect.

Facebook is of course the perfect interactive arena to deliver “friend match” results to the social entourage. This is an inevitable built-in potential in this app and we are so sorry to see it go.

What next, and a question to FaceBook

IMHO, FaceBook is – without prior notice – declaring “check mate” and is demonstrating a perhaps typical “world leader” arrogance towards all those app developers that have spent hours upon hours adjusting to their previous API 1.0. It is not a good thing.

We took a break for a year, working with another app and hoping for the return of the FB 1.0 API, but as this did not happen, we are now forced to be on the move. We must find a replacement playground for the matchmaking arena that we planned for Facebook. We are looking into matchmaking playgrounds like match.com or some of the new mobile matchmaking apps like Happ’n.

The million dollar question we have to FaceBook, is why FaceBook does not eagerly await and actively welcomes apps that can turn the FaceBook arena itself into a playground that will keep people at that arena in prolonged session because of the new fun? Why throw these apps out with the babywater when few complained on the 1.0 API? Those users not granting birthday info was simply popping up as “no card”, as can be seen at row 3 in the snapshot above. What was the problem with that solution?

All the fun is gone, but we are not sure FaceBook has thought things thoroughly true this time. Upon any second thought whatsoever, please contact me for a discussion.

Some more on this amazing ancient system

Here is a snapshot from our PC based research tool on this card system, demonstrating complexity behind the curtain. It means that, even if the deck of cards is an excellent leightweight system for fun and entertainment, it is also a tool for serious and in-depth self-studies.

Nevertheless, the most interesting of all is the unbeatable matchmaking ability.


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