• Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will. Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Nature deals the cards without thought or care, and there is no point in blaming the dealer. All we can do is make the best of the hands we have been dealt. Julian Baggini

  • Consider how hard it is to change yourself, and you will understand how hard it is to change other. Jacob Braude

DNA cards: Why Magnus Karlsen will tend to beat Sergey Karjakin

One major, if not the main reason why Magnus Karlsen will tend to beat Sergey Karjakin, is the conjunct relationship between Karjakin’s Sun and Karlsen’s Saturn, both in 2 and in the same degree at the border of 22o and 23o Capricorn.

Saturn conjunct Sun is not good for competition

Whenever Karjakin goes “vital” or starts following his built-in destiny patterns as given by his Sun position, the very presence of Karlsen will tend to function as a wet blanket for Karjakin, because Karlsen’s Saturn notoriously will try to impose structure, control, constraints and limitation to the situation and on Karjakin. Think of the Saturn rings as the “fencing in” metaphor for this. It is a literal effect.

As the tournament progresses, these effects will indeed manifest, and slowly, but surely grant Karlsen an advantage.

This wet blanket relationship between the Sun and Saturn is in fact common in a personal horoscope, or between marriage partners, often in reciprocal. There will be a self-imposed urge to create a structured life, or the partner will always act as a regulatory mechanism. While sometimes boring, this is all for the good, because with practice and maturity, the benefits of Saturn’s energy will start to blossom and create quality and endurance effects, exactly what is sought after in a marriage, not?

Returning to the Karjakin’s case, as he meets this in his rival on the other side of the table, day after day, this is not a good thing, not at all. It is much better for Karlsen, because Karjakin’s “vitality” could “liven up” Karlsen’s Saturn, but of course, there is also present the Saturn effect in reciprocal as Karjakin’s presence will activate Karlsen’s Saturn, possibly in a self-structuring manner that could put a clamp on Karlsen’s creativity and ability to make the right move. Maybe we saw this happening a couple of times.

The 2; the genius; the duel

If the birth information on Karlsen is correct on the internet, Karlsen has the important sun/moon midpoint in the 2. This major point in a horoscope will work for him whenever he can keep his mental balance intact. It means that both Karjakin and Karlsen is born to duel.

But since both players are so closely connected to the 2, there is a musical chair effect lining up here. There is always only one slot (chair) for each card, and one of them have to go.

What a wonderful and clearly destined setting for a chess championship!

Karjakin’s main Sabian symbol says it all

The Sabian symbol of 22 Capricorn:

“By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character

I have seen this effect before, in athletes, it will cause losses. But to comfort the general, he is also playing the 23 Capricorn:

“A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat

It means Karjakin with likelihood may achieve at least two main victories as his sun slowly progresses. The charming Sabian symbols can often spin out in remarkably literal ways.

Let’s anticipate that this may have something to do with chess.

For Karlsen, having his Saturn on “the loosing general”, he might have a pretty hard time loosing. I don’t think Saturn will accept defeat gracefully.

Karlsen’s special DNA cards

I end this shortened analysis with a glimpse into Karlsen cards at hand. While his outer personality and place of action (ascendant) is in the 4¨, his sun (“essence”) is in the 4©, two cards that are adjacent on the grand solar spread. In addition, his 2 sun/moon midpoint is adjacent to the 4¨. See this, as well as a short intro to the grand solar spread.

Looking deeper into the relationship between these three cards, there are more things of spectacular interest. For one thing, it’s a relationship based on K knowledge, and then we have the risk-taking line dancer, the J¨, spinning around as well. (Not shown). To this comes the basic archetype of the 4, doubled, with its uncanny drive for the creation of structures and practical solutions.

What this means, simplified, is an enhanced ability for Karlsen to have his inner essence and his outer personality work in harmonious tandem. Karlsen thus has his “whole self” at disposal in the competition. It creates a “Karlsen flow” of energy that could be hard to resist. A strong advantage.

On Karjakin, birth time is unknown, so that this analysis could not be done.

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