Disk not ejected properly, Yosemite

Yosemite on a MacBook Air 2010 (1.8GHz) is a drastic improvement compared to Maverick. After turning of the “use transparency”, the machine is sufficiently speedy and responsive in its GUI, and even the fan is not heard that often. I suspect transparency causes extra CPU that is not good for this old machine.

Always something to improve, and this is a short message to the Yosemite developers as we are subject to redundant “Yosemiting”:

In the screenshot below, it is obvious what happens if I have a USB disk connected to a MacBook Air (1.8GHz,  approximately from 2010), while I am doing the well-known operations “goto sleep” and “wakeup”.

Yosemite-diskNotEjectedProperlyThe reason I am doing that repeatedly, is that this machine, also repeatedly, kickstarts its fan even when it is only standing there doing nothing. It didn’t do that on previous versions of OS X prior to Maverick. (Yosemite is better, though).

I don’t know what it is doing when I do not use it, but it surely must be something very important since the machine thinks it is OK to noise down my environment at work with that awful fan.

(I do not use this machine much, it is just there for some minor maintenance of an application that enhances audio quality on a Mac; the SoundPimp audio enhancer, i.e. the OS X version of it)

In other words, the operating system is yelling – yosemiting – at me in unfair ways, as the disk was literally not ejected at all.

On another note, I must have seen this message a zillion times by now. Over the years, this has learned me that the whole message is just an annoying falsity, the machine is not broken from me just removing and inserting usb disk without prior notice. Therefore I do that all the time. I can admit that I have learned this naughty behavior on Windows machines, because there you don’t get punished for doing it.

The suggestion to the Yosemite developers is to get rid of this message, or I can do it myself, if you would only offer to check: “Do not show this message again”.

The reason for stiff in language is that 3 zillion people have already been requesting such “feature” for years.

Nothing happens. Doesn’t Apple read the internet about their own products?

A second suggestion; “Do not disturb now”

My second suggestion while at it, would be to implant a hotel-like “do not disturb now” feature that simply would disable or postpone any activity of administrative nature, whatever it may be. This should kill that annoying overeager fan and be an excellent feature to have on any PC.

Windows 10 no better

Windows---no-betterUnder the illusion of a major quest between Apple and Microsoft (not entirely true, these companies often write each other’s software), and in all fairness, Windows 10 notifications are no better than those of Yosemite.

Also Windows 10 is infected with this funny “a single message in multiplicity” syndrome. Responsible is probably the same programmer having still a few years to graduation and diploma.

And so Microsoft can as usual save a few pennies while while getting negative credits from a zillion user around the world.

Observe the lack of intelligence and servicelevel in the following snapshot of the so-called notification panel, just another time-thief providing useless information flows:

Users are asked to leave their current work in order to observe that, “yes, you guessed it”, you just unplugged the headphone from its outlet. In this case we are a talking yet another “far-east” software feature from ever-recurring RealTek.

And Microsoft’s Autoplay feature is no better.





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