[solved] WordPress proofreading slows down the tinyMCE editor

Are you an eager user of WordPress and have been driven completely bananas or even nuts by devastatingly slow responsiveness of the TinyMCE editor ? Feeling inside after half an hour not unlike glowing coal ?

Here comes the solution, and I should have guessed it long time ago: Right click in the text field, then uncheck

Spellchecker-options/Check the spelling of text fields.

Now you are all set for lightening speed editing or writing that will not give you cardiac diseases. Incredible that this is instruction is not more visible in the configuration of the WordPress dashboard. Millions must have the same catalyst at their “disposal”.

We all need proofreading, and this is available in JetPack as the “last thing done” prior to publishing the page or post. Self-explanatory. Or you can turn the spell-checker on again just prior to the point of publishing.

My last remark is that this feature must be embarrassing for whoever engineer was responsible. Quality of service is an important part of the deal!

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