Newton Distanse shoes: Improvement suggestions

I have a few remarks regarding the Newton Distanse running shoes of 2015. Whether design corrections have been implemented in the 2016 model, I don’t know. I purchased this model in 2016, a few weeks back (now June).

Wing on the inside of the sole

From a usage perspective, there is an incomprehensible “wing” on the inside of the front half of the outer sole. It is obvious when comparing the the Newton Gravity model as in this picture:


What is the purpose of this “orange wing”? The orange has a function, yes, but on the outside of a race shoe? I am a “no”! When on forefoot, your first hit will be with the outer side of the foot where the little toe is, so if anything, move the wing to that side.

On my foot, and on a few other feet that I tried these shoes on, the shoe appears to be a failed construction in that the top fabric of the shoe is pointing “out” to the right, while the outer sole with the wing points to the left, as you move your eyes from the heel to the front. It is not a balanced design. The unbalance can be felt also. You can see it on the picture, can’t you?

This design was also there a few years ago on an older version of this model. It should be corrected, and with 5 lamells there is really no need for a sole “wing” on the inside of the shoe, seen from above. None of my other forefoot shoes have this design.

The effect on my feet is that when I get tired during a run, as in the Grimstad 10k last week, the sole starts to hit the inside of the opposing ankle, almost like a knife. During training it is annoying, it almost feels like your higher (or perhaps lower) self is punishing a clumsy running style? It hurts when it hits. During a race, I discover it afterwards, but it is still annoying.


In this picture, it is the inside of the left shoe demonstrating violent behavior towards the right ankle.

Design tip: For the two reasons outlined, remove that wing completely.

Inner soles cuts like a knife, too

This is really hasty! The inner sole is too wide for the shoe, destroying it from the inside as the picture illustrates. I have only used this pair for a short while, and yet the shoe is breaking apart in its top fabric.


The resque is to re-design the inner sole, approximately as I have done with a scissor here:

Very weak shoe lace holes

Again according to picture, one of these holes were destroyed even at first try in the shop. They are just much too weak as was also confirmed by the shop owner.


IMHO, this shoe model is much too expensive to be subject to a series of hasty design mistakes. Newton, please calm down during the design and quality-control phases of your prototype developement, and things will go better than this. The shoe is nice to run with.

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