Hysterical hysteresis with Airport “Express” “software”

In an imaginary role play starting to manifest in a kind of “email stanzas”, an old friend on the other side of the Atlantic that claims to be looking much younger than he is, has for particular reasons suggested that I select for myself the role as The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. He has also been so kind as to loosely suggest the role for himself as that of Sancho Panza with the earthy wit.

So be it, and in this carefully selected anecdote stemming from an unplanned encounter in the long haul with that disaster router Apple Airport Express, Don Q has escalated himself to the point where he don’t even remember the name of his travelling companion. Anyway, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, eaten thus:


Monumento a Cervantes (Madrid) 10b.jpg


Had yesterday several hours into the software features jungle of Apples Airport Express, even generation 2. I am just totally amazed, overwhelmed if not downright dizzy by its software and the myriads of built-in hysteresis curves therein. Each feature seems to have a number of what I would like to call “unintentional consequences???. Any feature, any option, seems to be wildly connected to all the other features in a kind of mysterious network. The way IN is NOT the way OUT. Further to this, and more severe, the core meaning of each feature is bordering on being completely incomprehensible.

Sigh! “Yesterday???; “jester???; joker, or simply,“In the days that came before???, the catalyst was the fight for food and survival. Nowadays, as food supply is ample at least in my neighborhood, the Gods has chosen to offer as catalyst academia products like this Airport with the misnomer “Express???. What a disaster product and yes, in the confirmative; the “Express” is indeed a premium catalyst to make may days go awry from lack of self control. I am doing the Paco Doble wavering-undulation, but not out of joy! 

I am considering to put this opinionated remark out on my blog with copy to Facebook which may make me less popular there due to all the Norwegians being fenced in by the Apple story at the moment! (They have already stopped reading at this point in my remark, we are FAR beyond the Twitter limit). But, they have surely noted my “thumbs down on Apple??? and could be aggressive from that. This means I may have less people approaching me on FaceBook in the foreseeable future because I have behaved in such an arrogant manner facing Apple, which again means I will be saving time that I can use for other and more meaningful activities than to post opinions and experiences and hope for feedback on Facebook. All for the good, and I like it very much when I come up with a brilliant strategy from the so called sub-conscious, like in this example.


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