ALTRA, get these shoes back in the shops

Update May 2017: Found two “giveaway” pairs remaining in a downtown Oslo Shop; Løplabbet, both pairs in my size. Problem solved.

I am the happy owner of a second pair of this particular model from Altra, 3 years back. By far this model was the peak. All subsequent models are good, but not as good as this sweetie. The gif below is from sep 2016, as I was lucky, from Norway, to get hold of the absolutely last pair size 44, from some place in Australia.

Take a look at some minor remarks below the animated gif. You may have to click to see the animation.



  1. Sizing is incorrect. I am size 43, but these shoes needs to be in 44 and are even then a tiny bit too small.
  2. The heel cap is bulky, overblown and overweight. It is suggested to take the heelcap from size 42 or 43 and put it on size 44. This will create a better balance. Tip: Take a look at the perfect heel constructions from Newton. I had to operate the heel of the previous sample with a scissor, as I was a bit tense in my achilles at that time.
  3. My second long toe is living up to its name, it is looong in a literal manner. Ideally, the form of the front of the shoe could take into account that this toe has this name for a reason. It is possible to observe in the picture that the long toe creates a “stretch” mark.

But beyond those minor remarks, these shoes are perfect. I almost do not use any other shoes in my walking whereabouts, but I do have “a few” alternatives for running, including, but not limited to another Altra model.

I am begging, let this model bounce back. Freeze the legendary color. Thank you!

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