Broken glass and children tears

LG, Samsung, Nokia Broken glass on mobile phones
The pictures show the broken glass on three mobile phones; from LG, Samsung and Nokia, respectively. I have no picture of the tears rolling down the skin of those children owners, but they are all from the same family Janson.

In particular the LG Optimus G became an extra sad story, as it was only a few days old. It was in a bag, and when it came out of there, it was no more.

What to do ?

Don’t know, but the glossy glass facade of a modern phone seems to be its weakest point; the achilles heel.

Next step found

A few hours later…

Those nearby Norwegian repair centers gave us an indication as to cost of repair in the neighborhood of NOK 2000,- which is almost 60% of the cost of a new machine. Too expensive. What to do?

OK, I am an engineer. I have repaired several personal computers, I even invented one, once upon a time; namely the FreePad. I built the first version myself. And now the time has come to repair a mobile phone.  It is small, but I can learn. I will do it. Gulp!

I will order replacement parts from this company today:

And then I will follow these instructions to the extent possible:

The repair process highlights

A few days later…

Excellent service was given from Etrade Supply of HongKong. 

DSC07893Email inquiries were responded to promptly and subsequently the correct version of replacement LCD was delivered within a few days via DHL. On the door.

Here are the old and the new, just before the replacement procedure was initiated.

I found a dissambly manual that is kind of complementary to the above video, so study this too.

Now be careful. Take it slow. There are indeed a few traps to watch out for: For example, be very careful when replacing the pcb connector strips, as adhesive tape is used to keep them in place. In particular the strip connecting the volume buttons is one to watch in this regard.

And here is the final result, a working LG Optimus G with replaced LCD and housing. Total cost approx $80 + $20 postage, but it is possible to do it cheaper if you are willing to do more work. I wasn’t.

Told you I could do it!



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