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This page is set to no-index, no-follow and is just a temporary post to illustrate a problem in Lightworks.

Example 2

In this video the following steps are executed:

1. Lightworks playback of source is acceptable (almost no stuttering today, but yesterday it was much worse on the same video)

2. Increasing playback speed to 2x, the stuttering immediately hits in, and after a few seconds, video playback screen freezes up, while the video timestamp is indicating that the video is still running (through the whole of this example). This video was originally exported from Lightworks.

Note: It should be clear that Lightworks is facing problems with some resource. So, is there a cache directory that is “too full”, is there a garbage collector not working, or what type of resource is actually under stress and put beyond its limits by the playback operation?

3. Media Player Classic plays the same video in 4x speed. No problems.

4. The performance window of Windows Task Manager clearly indicates that the PC is not under any kind of stress from all this.


Example 1

One day, Lightworks behaves normally, the next day the video playback is stuttering like shown in this short video clip. It was made by filming the pc screen. At the same time, video playback behaves completely normal using any other video playback application. I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema. The laptop is a top modern Samsung Ativ 9+.

This is the second time this happens. On the previous occasion, the problem persisted for a few days, and then it was gone and everything was back to normal.

Possible cause?

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