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The mystery about “The Crunge” and the confounded bridge

        Lydhint: The Crunge

The Crunge, that’s the imperceptible transformation twitch when going from sober to some kind of “stoned”. That’s why that bridge is so confounded. Never mind that!

(This page is probably first and foremost interesting for those in familiar connection with Dirdal or Janson).

I might add here – to the furtherance and finalization of the family quiz – that when I used Norwegian contemporary language in my previous qq (a callan-slacky shortname for “quiz question”) this morning, it was simply because I had not yet decided to make the switch to a more pompous language suitable to the situation and the core nature of the quiz.

Why is this so?




The reason I made that switch later, around just prior to noon, is that I was pondering on a way to reveal the next clue in the quiz in a somewhat less secretive manner, while keeping in parallel my dignity and maintaining the flair of elegance so obviously prevalent in the quiz so far.

Along these lines, tied thus together, I found a link between one of the quiz photos sent earlier today and that snap from a tune. And so I reveal that we are indeed talking about a bridge, and it was confounded.

My friends!

On the other side of that confounded bridge, there certainly was from time to time a lot of pomp & circumstance, where in fact contemporary and often young or even under-aged members of the population invariably was offered the role as so-called humble-slave-servants, weekend after weekend. The reason for this offering, offered so freely like that at that point of time in the evolution of the universe, was simply due to fact that it was not generally known at the time, not even in some of the finest academic circles, that the penumbra after effects would still glow and “go off” and be ringing like an alarm bell or be equal to the effects of an elephant put in a china shop, almost 50 years later, among certain of those individuals participating there at that time as servants!

And if there was at that time, regardless, a few individuals that were indeed climbing the three of knowledge, to the extent that correspondingly proper knowledge gleaned into what could loosely be called their “every-day-consciousness” that these actions would create such disastrous penumbra effects, they were, most unfortunately, subject to so called “volunteer lobotoism”, due to preponderance of a mystic liquid always present there at that time, having the secret code name C2H6O !

The strange thing with this substance is that it has the often unwelcome effect widely known as that of the swelling of contumely among those human beings being there not as servants but as so called party-participators, thus transforming themselves after the light had gone down low to that which is often called party-poopers.

In particular, this happened on several occasions when this or that flapper was not only present, but was also flapping it’s innocent wings or other working bodily parts.

Directly there and then and out of thin air, all this happened!

Strange to say, with all the things they did and all the things they built, and so fast too, still it ended kind of like in this snapout, didn’t it?

Sad story, that one. For sure.

Thus, all this may – for the possible general comfort of several human beings – be generally or fully forgiven by any contemporary or aristocrat person being present there at that time,  but being so-called “still alive today”. And as it is said by some, this would also be a very effective way of releasing “the Cameo” that one has or not has on skin or soul as a result of being present there at that time on that old “stompin’ ground” on the other side of the confounded bridge.

All this strange thinking, it is surely not fruits from the same three, but perhaps another three in the same garden as Goethe attended when he said this: “Until one is motivated, there is hesitancy. The moment that one definitely commits oneself, then higher forces move too”. In this or that direction, one might add.

However, I must admit that this suggested coherence to Mr Goethe; it is just a push on “the wild guess button” on my part.

Anyway, when I was still using the Norwegian language this morning. I tried my best to create a formulation that was cunning enough to be not grasped in full in the quick-at-a-glance moment. I spoke thus:

“stevner frem med nyttig ordbruk”.

I can now reveal a new clue, namely that I was hiding into that sentence the very word “stevne” being in that episode of the quiz nothing else if not the fulcrum of the whole thing.

Because, if you are equipped to “stevne frem”, then you are using of course a special kind of vehicle that has a part which in Norwegian language is called “stavn”.

Further to this, I already included above, therefore, yet another picture of the not any more confounded bridge. I can tell you, uhu, that when I passed that bridge last week, with a fearful trill singing in my ear, I immediately heard an ominous silence. Yes! And then I heard the gatekeeper raven screaming at me:

Welcome back, Callan!

My best friend Hanne Mette heard the raven too.

And there is more: I can add that the full moon of the day was in the most peculiar of Sabian symbols in which I also happen to have my own moon, namely this:


It means that things are not always as they seem. And by fantastic coincidence, my best friend Hanne Mette took a picture of that double moon later the same evening, and there should be no words needed to explain the symbolism any further.

A double moon revealing its outer and inner meanings


What do you give me? But friends, calm down, be informed that I managed to nullify that raven. I talked to it. When I left, passing the bridge the reverse way, the raven was gone. I think it was an eternal act. The raven has left forever. Peace hold sway there now, and when I realized that as I left the area, I also started to receive a major flow of what is called “the uncannying of golden moments directly from memory” from that time there on the other side of that golden bridge.

And this is the reason why I share with you the first part of this song that I have made to myself and that makes me feel really good when I do the life in rewind vintage feeling exercise that I have just tried to explain.

So there you go. Strange to say, those sweetest spots, remain in sway!


The Hummingbird

Oh, yes, I remember
Golden days of the past
All those victories in a row
From everyone, their deepest bow…


And then friends, a new fulcrum. You just will not believe what I found when I, together with my best friend Hanne Mette, chose to not follow the arrow vectorial direction of these signs, but as what the German calls “gegenfahrer” WENT THE OTHER WAY! But I shall reveal it in the very near future, and I am looking forward to it. I can tell you that our daring and decisive act caused higher forces to move too.

Until then.





The golden bridge:


Gå til neste og siste episode; løsningen


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