To be approached with curiosity and open-mindedness.




Faleraki: “The mort is forken”

Friends! Let’s continue. The mort is forken? Did you get that message, as the story was closing, just before the tape end ? That’s quite antiquated English. If at all. “The mort is forken”. En oversettelse kunne være omtrent slik:  “Jordhaugen er gafla”. Hva mener’n? Kan det være dette: I computerbransjen er...

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The mystery about “The Crunge” and the confounded bridge

        Lydhint: The Crunge The Crunge, that’s the imperceptible transformation twitch when going from sober to some kind of “stoned”. That’s why that bridge is so confounded. Never mind that! (This page is probably first and foremost interesting for those in familiar connection with Dirdal or Janson). I might...

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