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WINDOWS 10, a true kindergarten SW

If I remember correctly, Windows was invented in the early nineties in the previous century, and thus, has been under development for some 26 years.

In an increasing and “super fucking annoying” manner, this piece of junk has been filled up with administrative processes “for your own good”. One example is the Windows defender that slowly but surely is eating up your CPU, even at times when it is completely obvious that the machine is under hard pressure due to my own genius work, for example compilation of software written by myself and destined for mankind.

Another example is the always recurring Windows Update that no longer ask for permission, but just goes ahead and does its thing, whenever. Since every change in the basic runtime system is a possible and strongly unwanted timethief candidate, an update once every 6 months or so would be more than enough for my needs, but Microsoft does not listen to me nor anyone else. They just claim to do that. On its most eager, we are talking “forced down my throat updates” several days a week. This feature is a joke in that it demonstrates a severe lack in understanding for “user needs and wants”.

A third example is that when I as a so-called audiophile am using the laptop to listen to high-quality sounds via a so-called DAC connected to the USB, then Windows Search would find this to be a good time to search through a USB connected Hard drive for file changes, thus impacting the hifi quality in a severe manner. The problem with this rare-animal need of mine, a need that by the way is becoming more and more a feature for the common people (Tidal, Spotify…), is that the Microsoft company doesn’t even understand what I am talking about. Such a shame. Therefore, let it be known that a “keep absolutely 100% quiet” button is perhaps one of the most wanted features of ANY operating system running on a laptop.

Stemming from this highly unsympathetic types of behavior from a software robot, one could start to suspect, or at least hold for not completely unlikely, that some of these administrative processes has a hidden, cunning purpose in that my laptop is surveyed, and for example, emptied for information that is interesting to Microsoft or CIA. Why?

Because that defender piece of crap that has been eating cpu for years, it has in all these years succeeded in finding NOT ONE SINGLE virus or threat, while I myself in the same period have detected and removed several, manually. That’s not all: In their email program Outlook that by the way still is unable to send an email as an sms (would be practical), there are high and noble claims that this app has advanced features for detecting and removing spam emails, and this is as of today indeed an urgent need.

The problem with this spam detector, is that is does not work at all, and therefore I call it kindergarten software. Look at this snapshot.

To make it as simple as possible for Outlook, I have injected only one single domain address that I want filtered out. I am happily married and in no need to max out in the flirting domains. As you can see, this one single task is far too demanding of this junk software, as the maxxflirt emails are popping in daily and are never detected by Microsoft. As a software programmer, I know that this would involve the humble task of string recognition, not hard to implement.

In other words, the feature is not really implemented, it is just claimed to be implemented.

In the good old days, several centuries ago in the Western world at least, a human re-incarnation was often revolving around a quest for food to feed the family and survive. That was then. Today, the catalyst is – albeit – much less demanding, as it is a quest to try conquering a completely overeager and (erratically) very CPU hungry operating system called Windows 10.

One could wonder, does the accountable software programmer get paid for his work?

Anyway, in this blog, reflecting my state of being completely fed-up, I have tried to be so rude in my language as I possibly could, being a blunt, but friendly Norwegian with so-so skills in the noble English. To underline this even further, here is my suggestion for the new golden rule to which any software module in this crappy software system should comply. From now on!

SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KEEP OUT OF MY CPUs, BE IT MACHINERY OR COGNITIVE, WHEN I USE THE LAPTOP! (But feel free to use it for 10 minutes every night at 4 o’clock am)

Thanks for reading!

Yours disgracefully


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