The secret of the old winch

Technical note: A lower resolution version is available at the bottom of this essay. In case of bandwidth trouble.

This “impressionistic sketch” was created a while ago. I pondered a question on what was going on, and let my fingers respond. Eyes were closed.

Since then it has been lying there, subject to my slow but steady interpretation.
It has become a delightful knowingness.

And now I know, I can do THAT!

Then I heard Julia Holter’s crazy-beautiful song, I shall love 2. That bass line… It became the catalyst I needed. To stop hesitating.

And since my youngest daughter attained her majority at the 24th of June 2019, I felt like creating a special salute for her. This video became the result, but you can watch it anyway. There is a short and disclosable ending note to her, but the rest is for anyone. It’s messages are – at least per intention – universal. You will not be an intruder.

(If you still prefer the “universal” version, you can find it at the bottom of this essay).

I felt like putting into words what I had understood, about “flapper life”. At least a fraction of that interesting subject. Somehow, the text is the painting’s cameo, albeit from the mind only. The rest; the painting and the music, is from higher grounds. What could I call it? A multidimensjonal multi-message mashup?

The wise recommendation, the solution to almost all and everything, comes from Tobias. I mean literally; directly from Angel’s peak, though via Geoffrey Hoppe.

So, be the Flapper for a couple of minutes, if you want to. Or the young stud. Or an older one, for that matter. If you can see her. She is there in multiple positurs. The main motive contains the flapper turning around from left to right, compressed into the blink of an eye. To me, that’s amazing.

Just put the flapper into your own context and start hesitating. Or go violet “winchy”. You will find a way. Hope you like it!

PS: The old winch is part of a “trilogy”, the others being “Mission discovery” and “The first dancing lesson”. I Could be back.

The “universal” version:

Low resolution version: