Fresh water for all? The principal solution


Humanity have several major challenges related to survival, and one of them is the lack of fresh water. Here in Norway we have abundance of downhill flowing water. It’s pure, we can drink it, and we use it as a major source for feeding the power grid. In fact, the latter is a major national source of income, too. In other parts of the world, for example in California and in parts of Africa, the fresh water problem is really urgent; it’s a fight for survival.

There is a deeply realistic and viable solution available, and this is to make salt magnetic. This can be done in several ways, but don’t ask me how, I am just an electro/audio/acoustic engineer.

And, no, to solve this challenge, you don’t need to learn to walk on water.

Albeit, though, it’s a project that will need capital, the world’s best chemists around King Arthur’s “The knight’s round table” and a few years of patience. If this project was started today, the problem will be solved within a typical scope of less than ten years. Imagine that!

Why is this the solution?

If salt is made magnetic, the seawater can be processed and become magnetic too. The solution is then quite simple: With electromagnets properly positioned along some pipe of flowing saltwater, the salt can literally be pulled out by the magnets, then released on the side, as garbage. This is the core functionality of an electromagnet; it has two states, an OFF and an ON state.

In the other end of the pipe, therefore, please find blinking, golden fresh water; a humanity saver indeed.

Now then, since we in Norway have this and many other types of abundance of natural resources, why don’t we finance a program to solve this very interesting problem? Let’s get going!

Suggested project title: “The Well”.

My idea? No.

My source? Contact me, see contact info in footer.

Suggested headquarter: One floor in Kjell Inge Røkkes “Big Blue” in Oslo.

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